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The Heart of Wellness
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With Life Coaching/ Spiritual Guidance/ Holistic Energy Medicine, the main goals is to help you get to where you want to be. For some that is about gain clarification, organization or peace of mind.  For others it may be about becoming more successful at business or relationships, Parenting, Over-coming blocks or fears, behaviors or addictions.  It don't matter what the subject matter is, there is a point in time when we need guidance.  

Yes, people have experienced spontaneous healing, reduction/ removal of tumors, illnesses leave, relationships better, money issue resolve, pregnancy and childbirth, mental disorder relieved without drugs, weight loss, life happiness, etc...

All of these results are possible in the exploration what is going on.  Some of these happen in one session; some within years.. NONE are promised.  However, the results are highly likely.... when you start and committ!

Contact me when...
*You are willing to laugh, cry, and get real with what is going on in your life
*You are tired of an old habit of thought, behavior, injury, work situation, relationship…etc. and how it is "running" your life
*You are ready to hear and explore the true talk of your mind
*You know that "Tough Love" will be your best option for a better life.


Ultimately, with the shifts that are created… people leave our session lighter, with more understanding, engaged in their personal control, and with some action tools (things to do that support the new shift and its familiarity to the psyche).


In my observation, just about every “issue” has either an emotional or psychological component within it.  You cannot always "just think differently or feel differently", sometimes you can,…but often the same issues that keep coming back needing more focus and an outsider's observation/ interpretation.- that's where I come in.


The goal is  Wellness!  Joy!  Empowerment!  I know I can assist you in bettering your life.... When will you let it happen?

NOTE:  I will not heal you!  I am not the magic pill!  I am not a licensed therapist.


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