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ALL of the systems we provide can benefit ALL AGES !

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All services are available individually or grouped together.
Any and all levels of physicality are welcome.

These are structured as Private Sessions
(Semi Private may be set up as well)

Sessions are conducted in our Burbank Office, via Phone/Skype, or at hosted locations nationally.

Initial Sessions
1.5 hrs $150 ( intake, assessment, corrections, overview, self care homework)

Continuing Sessions
30 minute - $60
60 minute - $ 115
90 minute - $150

Wholistic Life Coaching - $150/hr

Monthly packages are available.

Postural Awareness Techniques

Gain a Different View of Your Structure

Throughout the development of our lives, the body and the posture we carry is in constant change. We have a general understanding of what "good" posture looks like. However, how do we really get there and keep it- comfortably? As we grow, live, and experience our lives, our structure will do its best to keep up with our demands. Everything we do physically requires compensations from the body. How our body is carried directly impacts our overall health through the muscles and neurological relay. There may be a time when the request put on our structure will be met with limitation and the necessary compensation will eventually be met with an injury or trauma of some sort. These moments accumulate and the body's attempt to satisfy us continues. Likely the body has asked for help along the way (stiffness, cracking, aches) until it truly gets your attention… Pain is the great attention getter! At some point it cannot be ignored. We rather assist people before the breakdown, though Postural Awareness can always be of assistance.


Foundation Training

Create True Strength and Primal Alignment

The Foundation Training system is truly an amazing workout. It can be completely adapted to any level of strength. However, the big surprise is how much internal empower can be created with such "little movement."

Foundation Training was created by a chiropractor, Eric Goodman, who suffered from enormous back pain (I have seen the x-rays). He developed this system to overcome his excruciating pain. The movements and reputation of Foundation Training is continuously growing. Even Jeff Bridges bragged about the benefits on the James Corden show (cute how he attempted to share his appreciation). And recently Chris Hemsworth has been spreading the word on the benefits of Foundation Training to those who want to overcome back injury.

While the focus of the FT is to bring about the reminder of dynamic tension within the entire skeletal muscular system, it inherently reminds the body of ease of movement. And yes, it does have a reputation of Pain Removal! The Foundation Training system can take you from fear of movement to confidence quickly. Regardless of your workout history (circuit, yoga, Pilates, weights,etc), this training will change your strength and appreciation for how the body is willing to improve.
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Additional Videos:

Introduction to Foundation Training by Dr. Goodman

Foundation Training Success Story

Pain Management

Movement Retraining to Naturally Resolve Pain

Through years of visual observation of the body, Karina has learned over 30+ years to see in and around the body structure to find the alignments needed for optimal movement. This ultimately allows the body to heal pain response habit and encourage pain free movement. Pain is scary for most people. In order to get the most out of your efforts towards change, it is requested that you allow yourself the time it takes to relearn a newer way of exercising and moving. Living with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain is so common! Isn't that sad? Why? Karina thinks this is in part due to the fact that we are told to "expect to have pain" as we get older… though she believes, and has personal experience with, that we live with pain because the helpful, practical natural answers are hard to find. AND will likely need to be found outside of "healthcare" parameters (which means out of pocket costs). Karina has devoted her life to "seeing" how to help in a timely manner and with SELF CARE instructions to empower her clients to understand their process. Sometimes during sessions Karina may do tapping, stretching, etc; necessary to train the system with new information. There are so many different techniques to help that they cannot be listed. The conditions that can be assisted is three times as long, though we will mention some here-


Kore Reconnection

Bringing a Nature-based Focus to the Body–Mind Connection

The goal here is to reconnect the system (the human) as a WHOLE entity. There are endless ways to do this Kore Reconnection. We create ways to reconnect to the boundless energy and potentials we experienced before and just after birth. We offer understanding of our daily functional reality to our sometimes chronic issues. Through observation, dialog, exercises, - personal or in groups - classes of an experiential nature, and integration, there is an opening of comprehension that is basic, grounded and sot after by the deepest aspect of our soul. To bring the Body and the Mind into balance we utilize the understanding of Science, the Strength of Nature and the Quantum Energy field. This allows us to create calm strength, confidence, purpose and clarity.

Kore Reconnection has proven wonderful results, such as a deeper inner calmness, a sense of belonging to the whole of one's life instead of pieces of it and a profound ability to comprehend how to react and think about things. There are components of self guided focus and can be done quickly for times of trauma and anxiety OR as a regular practice. As a technique it offers a way to relearn focus and clarity. Being guided by a practitioner, the experience of our existence in today's chaotic world is enhanced by bringing together energy, comfort and connection to the "big picture".

Wholistic Life Coaching

Reconnect Your LIFE to its FULLEST Potential

With this system of observation, we take the time to appreciate that there may be other factors going on in our lives that could be feeding the reasons for our pain or unhappiness. The Body – Mind connection is truly astounding. The way we think, our belief systems, our habit of emotions, the foods we choose, can and DO effect our physical body (our biology). Seeing this as a possibility will aid in resolving long standing physical patterns, thought pattern, Injury reoccurrence, pain cycles, etc. We look at general nutrition, mental chatter, energy flow (and more) to help put pieces of the puzzle of our WHOLENESS back together. Is discomfort is a natural condition in your life? Does creating the changes you desire reach a plateau? Do repetitive patterns creep back into your life? This coaching system will reveal some answers for you towards more permanent changes. If you cannot imagine how the Body and Mind coexist, let us show you.
Improvements with:
A happier life
Leaps with goal setting
More Self awareness
More Self confidence
Guilt release
Regret resolutions
Emotional Balancing
Mental Balancing
Fears and Phobias around movement
Energetic Harmony
Physical Comfort
Stronger Self Esteem