How are sessions with Karina different than with others in her field?

The answer is simple. She is unlike any one. Everyone has their strengths. Karina's strength is in "seeing" thing from a VERY different way. Her goal and live long training has been to be an interpreter for the body and mind. She receives and delivers problem solving strategies without having to ONLY rely on past successes. Every person's body has slight variations of requirements. Karina sees each client as individuals with specific needs.

What do your typical clients look like?

Many practices have a target clientele. The Heart of Wellness is not that kind of place. We welcome all ranges of ages and issues. We always trust that we add value to the client, however, we do not need to have all the answers or pretend we do. We get touch cases that most have raised their hands in surrender to. And only because we trust in answers outside of our egos can we take on these types of clients. We have as much success with children as we do with adults, acute pain sufferers to chronic pain sufferers, athletes to the moderate exercising civilians. What MUST be part of our teamwork is mutual focus, communication and effort.

What is the optimal session look like?

When we set up appointments with clients, we are ALL IN. We come to the session with optimism, curiosity, and a commitment to help. What we ask for in return is commitment to being honest and the willingness to learn. Through all the "even if's" and "the last time"…. Etc, regardless of how many practioners, hair dressers and friends you have talked to about your situation, stay open! Optimal session include all this we just described. In addition, we ask for the client's devotion to a reasonable arrangement of time to work together; per session as well as quantity of sessions. We do not want dependency by the client. We do want our clients to graduate and live their lives with only the need for occasional check in sessions. Each client will be at different starting places. We respect your process; please do the same for yourself.

Is there any one or any condition that you don't think you can help?

The true answer is: we don't know. We trust that those that have found us- regardless of the issue- can be helped somehow. Or perhaps more clearly is to say that we are the next step in that person's process. For how long is unknown. Our experiences have gone from 1 session to 14 years with individuals. We are committed to your process.

How long are the initial sessions?

Generally 1 hr to 1.5 hrs. Some intake is necessary at the start and we always like to leave the client with some self-care instructions. Self care is not only empowering .it is necessary. We are not looking for dependency from our clients.

Can someone be coached without being together in person?

Skype sessions are available. Remote sessions can be just as valuable to some, though it is not for everyone. As long as the client is willing to create space and time for it to happen - Absolutely.

Can supportive products be suggested to help with my issues?

Yes, sometimes supportive products will strengthen the change in the desired direction. Those products may range from Flower essences, Crystals, Vitamins, Foods, etc. They are taken on a voluntary basis and do not replace or interfere with standard medicine. However, you are advised to check with your physician.

Do I have to take the product suggested for the work to be effective?

Products are suggestions; and NO, you do not have to take them.

Does The Heart of Wellness refer out?

Yes, when needed.
We refer either for supportive work or if there is a sense of a lack of movement and another person may be useful to step in.
We are always building our referral base because we do not have a desire to be depended on or become restricted
in our belief that proper pairing of client and modality.

More Questions?

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