About Karina

Karina's background is as unique as her gifts. Having been born in the Bohemian Forest region of the Czech Republic she was initiated from birth to have a heightened neurological system.  This was supported as her family defected from their homeland through the border post in search of expansion and safety.  This amount of tension and fear created constant muscle and soft tissue tension which exacerbated the ligament laxity issue that was handed down genetically- now referred to her *“first mid-life crisis” at the age of two-and-a-half.

Training as a gymnast and dancer helped strengthen Karina’s skeletal-muscular system and kept the underlying issues at bay.  At age 10, she had an accident in her gymnastics class that landed her body head-down on the floor with a concussion, severe whiplash, and soft tissue damage to the neck (then undetected)- deemed the “second mid-life crisis.”  Karina continued as a dancer using the benefit of her ligament laxity to her benefit.  She began teaching at the age of 13 years old; by that time having danced already for nine years.

Through dance instructing Karina made big strides in the ability to see what the body needed in order for the athlete to better their outcome. By 19, she began to simultaneously training kinesthetic awareness to other athletes to assist them in their performance. In her early 20's, Karina was trained as an aerobics instructor. The external strength then came crashing in. In what she calls her “third mid-life- crisis,” during one of her regular aerobic warm-ups, the sacroiliac joint or SI joint (SIJ) gave way and lead to a life altering trauma which lead to going on workers compensation, debilitating pain, and a migraine accompanied by depression that lasted over five years.

Throughout this time no system of physical therapy was working, it actually made the condition worse. All conventional tests- neurological, CT, MRIs, strength tests, etc. came up “normal” which made the situation complicate. Karina sought the help of a chiropractic team, one of which was a trained martial artist as well being a chiropractor, said something that she will forever be grateful for.  He asked, “Did you ever think some of your pain could be emotional?”  WHAT!? After being infuriated, Karina let that gem go to the side, though not too far to the side.

After regaining some ease in the body, while still suffering horrible constant headaches, Karina was retrained via worker comp to become a professional massage therapist; another life changing gem. Not only did she reconnect to the body is a way that was more comforting, her introduction to the “mind” part of the body patterns of pain and function became a 16 year study. Learning to communicate with the tissue at the same time as listening to the mind was glorious for her and her natural skills,

After graduation the basics of Massage, Karina began instructing at the school with which she graduated; developing unique classes in body reading, postural massage, body mechanics, etc. While continuing her study of all levels of massage-  Deep tissue, Sports, Myofacial, Rolfing, Structural therapy, Craniosacral, Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Tui Na, Body Mind therapy, Emotional Therapeutic systems, and Birth Doula training, she found some more relief within the knowledge of all that she learned to incorporate into her own healing. All the while, Karina was teaching and aiding her clients with each and every benefit that she gained through her own experience and observations.

In her late 20s, Karina happily married and had 3 beautiful children.  Her interest in Natural Healing and Energy Work continued to grow to not only aid her family but to continue her passion for learning and helping others with different tools. Gaining strength and healing along the way Karina’s private practice was thriving for some time, until her “forth mid-life crisis” a T-Bone car accident that lead her to a 2 year regression and re-healing.

Karina has NEVER given up her personal fight or struggle to gain strength and understanding of her body’s limitations or possibilities. Having a constant thirst for this, she was lead to Foundation Training and is a Level 1 Student working toward he certification.

For ALL these reasons Karina is passionate about helping others get to a better place to live their lives. While she is grateful that she was given a very strong constitution, Karina also understands, all too well, that connecting with something and someone who understands and can assist the unique qualities of pain and discomfort people experience. Working with someone who understands that “normal range” does not mean “OPTIMAL”, “pain free” or “strong” while also being considerate to any needs of the body / mind relationship within the healing process.

Karina gets it!  And she can help! And is truly unlike any other Coach or Practitioner for these reasons.

If you would like a 20-minute free consultation over the phone of in person with Karina, please contact her.



*”mid-life crisis”  is simply referring to a time a great soul trauma where the “Crisis of Self” is impacted. Crisis of self can include in later years a “Crisis of Purpose.” 

*Karina is an Intuitive Medium and many clients are familiar with this part of her.  She has designated a separate site to metaphysical-healing subject matter:  http://www.intuitivekarina.com